Death Cafe–wanna talk about dying?

Last night, I was privileged to share a few hours with an intimate group at Death Cafe Austin.  This group, run by Brooks Kasson and Jo Jensen, allows a safe space to discuss issues around death and dying–the agenda is user-driven, so it’s never the same meeting (or even same hour) twice.

You can read more about the Death Cafe movement here.   Death awareness, whether through Death Cafe or Death over Dinner, or any growing number of articles and outreach groups, is gaining speed!   If you’re curious or want to know more, hit the Death Cafe link above, or check out Twitter and find your own local group.

If you’re passionate about death and dying, or even just curious about what it feels like to plan two hours in a room with strangers talking about the most intimate of experiences–death and dying– plan to come out to the next Death Cafe Austin.   This meeting will be on Wednesday, February 4th at 6:30, at Cafe Express (3416 N. Lamar).


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