Austin Natural Caskets

Recently, while reading up on Austin options for green burial, I ran into Austin Natural Caskets.   The beauty and simplicity of these caskets takes my breath away, and almost–almost–makes me want to consider a casket burial!

These gorgeous caskets are truly handmade works of art.  They’re specifically constructed with an eye toward green burial–all natural fibers and no metal parts are used, allowing the casket to degrade naturally with the body, so burial at Eloise Woods or any of the other local green burial sites wouldn’t be a problem.


So often in my work talking through funeral wishes with folks, I hear the old country-western song ideal, “Just put me in a pine box and bury me…”    Well, Austin Natural Caskets seems to have that covered:


Simple.  Pine.  Plain.    Doug Stone would approve!

I’m hoping to get out to meet Mr. Richardson and get a firsthand look at his work, but for the moment, I’m just glad to see a local artisan facilitating the needs of the Austin green burial movement in such a beautiful way.

If you want to know more, including pricing and delivery options, check out Austin Natural Caskets.


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