Dean Smith and the Legacy of Dinner

Dean Smith was a legendary basketball coach for the University of North Carolina for over 35 years before he died in early 2015.

In that time, he left his mark on many young lives, men passing through college on their way to superstardom (Michael Jordan) and largely-unknown walk-ons to his team alike.   And, now, thanks to some well-done preplanning, he’s left one final statement of self to his players, one that says these men were important enough in his life that he took the extra time to set up something for them.

From Mental Floss:

Your estate may not be able to support gifts to everyone who added meaning to your life.  But you, and everyone, can do the work ahead of time to document your wishes and leave a clean, well-organized dossier as your legacy–and how much will that say to your loved ones about the love you had for them, and the care with which you tried to make their grief easier?!.

Consider the following:

  • Document your final wishes–for free at or, or with the help of a consultant (like me!)
  • Get all your important documents in order–again, for free at, among many others.  This MUST include any wills and advanced directives, which should be crafted legally, reviewed with family, and made instantly accessible for maximum effect.
  • Plan for your digital legacy–make sure others have access to the accounts that you created, from email to picture storage to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and the like.  (Find out more here.)
  • Document dispersal of(or begin to disperse) your physical treasures.  This too often leads to spats and hurt feelings once the loved one is gone, so taking care of it up front may head off some family pain, and may be an opportunity to connect and share special moments with the giver as well.

The focus of my passion and my work is the funeral/final wishes aspect, but really–it’s all one big package.  One big IMPORTANT package, which most would rather neglect until it’s ‘needed’.

Making sure your end-of-life packet is ready is a gift, one that will reach far beyond the inherited jewelry and last letters.   If it’s not in you to do the prep work independently, call me–we can do the work together.


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