Death Cafe–are you curious? Want to know more? Join us!

Tonight, Wednesday 5/5, is the next Austin Death Cafe.  This event is held the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm at Cafe Express (3418 N. Lamar).

Have you even heard of Death Cafe?  You can read more about the history and mission behind this social movement at the Death Cafe website, but in a nutshell–it’s a safe place to speak about all things death, in an open and death-positive way.

Death Cafe specifically has no agenda, no speakers, no party lines–it truly is all determined by who shows up and what they want to say.  No tickets or RSVPs are necessary, just show up at the appointed time with an open mind and respectful voice.  The attendees split into manageable discussion groupings, and the conversation sessions begin.   Subject-starter cards are available if the group falters in discussion; this answer-the-question option also gives a safe entry into the conversation for some participants who may not otherwise join in.   The only guiding that is done is for time (two 50 minute blocks of conversation, with breaks, are enforced), and for order (a talking marker is used to ensure each speaker is respected)

I’ve been to many Death Cafe sessions, and I can safely say every single meeting is unique.  It’s never the same people, never the same discussions, never even the same aspects of death being discussed.  One thing that is always the same, though–it’s an amazing evening of exchanging ideas and understanding more about ourselves in relation to death, all while opening our community to more death-positive energy!

Oh, and cookies.  THERE WILL BE COOKIES.  (I’m making them!)

You can find out more about Death Cafe Austin on their Facebook page.


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