Well, Maybe Not THIS Specific


Cartoon by Matthew Inman, TheOatmeal.com, found on The Oatmeal’s Facebook Page

So, no volcanoes for you?  Your wishes may be a little simpler, may not need diagrams and asterisks–just something about the dress you want to be buried in, who you want to eulogize you, or which hymns you want sung at your memorial.

Or maybe not.   Are we going to be sourcing octopus ceviche or a Greek dance troupe for your celebration of life?  Submarines?  Ice cream trucks?

Your end of life wishes are unique, something only you can decide, and may range from crazy and joyful and fun, to somber vespers.  But no matter how simple or complex, the only way they’ll know is if you write it down, communicate it, and prepare funds for it!

Need help?  I do that–call me.  Let’s talk through your desires, document them, and make a plan to share them with your loved ones.

Knowing what you want is good.  Plans that clearly detail them are better!  No matter how simple, no matter how crazy.  Even if it involves magma.


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