Oh the Places You(r ashes) Will Go!

So, what should I do with these ashes?

Well, there’s always a nice urn (or a thousand) for your mantel–you can even buy them at Costco!  You can bury the ashes, or inter them in a columbarium, like my grandpa and his parents.

Gpa Froude

But what else is there?  Is that all?

Of course not!  

Earlier this spring, I told you about the ability to have them spread in space.

Even further outside the box:

Is there something unique about you that would lend itself to a non-traditional ash usage?  Consider the case of Mark Gruenwald, a comic book editor:

Mark Gruenwald (1953-1996), Marvel Comics editor who died of a fatal heart attack wished to be cremated. He also wanted his ashes to be put into a comic book by mixing them into the ink used for printing one of Marvel’s titles.

The company obliged his request in 1997 and reprinted a 1985 collection of Squadron Supreme with a specially prepared ink that included Gruenwald’s ashes.

In the book’s foreword, his widow Catherine wrote, “He remained true to his passion for comics, as he has truly become one with the story and blended himself in the very fiber of the book.”

(HT: Memorials.com)

There are so many more options other than just scattering out there, in all price ranges.  Only you can know what is truly right for your final send off!  Do think it through (and write it down) now though–you wouldn’t want your ashes to become the albatross around your loved ones’ necks, right?

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