What Will Your Final Ride Be?

If you know me and my passions at all, you know I’m about making sure you think death-and-end-of-life things through thoroughly.  That you write them down and communicate them the ones who matter.  Hopefully, in the process, you develop for the ones left behind a picture of how best to honor and celebrate your life, in a personal and meaningful way, for the price you want to pay.

The funeral for Jim Jameson, from Michigan, is a wonderful example of how simple, small tweaks can allow for unique touches that bring the life of the celebrated into focus.

From The Bay City Times:

The Bangor Township man, who spent more than five decades driving semi-tractor trailer trucks up and down Michigan roads, went out the way he would have wanted — cruising on the back of his big green truck named Petey.

Bigrig Hearse

Photo by Yfat Yossifor | The Bay City Times

…And it wasn’t enough to have his casket strapped to the back of his Peterbilt big rig and delivered to Floral Gardens Cemetery on Monday, June 8. He had 17 other semis follow him in one of the louder funeral processions in recent history at Gephart Funeral Home on the city’s West Side.

Jameson’s nephew Tony Jameson drove his uncle’s semi, blasting black smoke out of Petey’s shiny chrome exhaust pipes and honking his ear-piercing train horn.

The scene became a conversation. Petey honked and roared his engine. A dozen other semis from across Bay County shouted back. Soon, Midland Street was rumbling.

I can’t say I know any truckers in Austin, so maybe this won’t be what we plan.  But perhaps a horse-drawn carriage?  Or a tractor?

How else would you like to personalize your ceremony?  Who knows better what feels good and right, and best at capturing your unique flavor?  Let’s talk it through and write it down before we miss the chance!

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