A Final Ceremony for Mickey

The conservative county that I live in isn’t always know for its welcoming attitudes toward the homeless.   While there certainly is much to debate about the best way to help folks like this who need assistance, and there surely is room to improve, this story (from our local Williamson County Sun) at least gave me hope that there is a goodness and a respect around honoring the deceased (no matter their status) that provides a bit of hope for the future, for change.


Across the U.S., probably across the world, there are so many folks whose remains end up unclaimed, their names at times unknown, their lives uncelebrated and easily forgotten, their remains left on a shelf, in a box, to be eventually buried–or not.

While the system isn’t always perfect, I commend Judge Gravell and the folks who worked to honor Mr. Forrest in death, and helped to ensure that Mickey Forrest’s passing didn’t go unmarked.

I hope he rests peacefully beside Old Donahue Creek.


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