Somebody went to Bali, and all I got…



were these super cool shots of a village’s cremation festival!

It gets amusing now and again, working in the funeral space, because I’m the go-to person in my sphere for talking about anything death related.  Whenever a new death product or issue makes headline news, I get it shared with or sent to me 10 times over.  Additionally, in real life, I get to hear and see lots of cool stories that made people think of me and my work, like this village cremation procession in Bali shot by a friend on vacation.


My friend explained that in Bali, all bodies are cremated (it frees the spirit from the body), but often regular folks can’t afford the whole affair and ceremony that goes along with the cremation.  So after death, non-royalty/laymen are buried to await the combined village cremation ceremony.

Once the cremation festival date draws near, the bodies which will be cremated are disinterred and prepared, along with the floats and clothing and cremation necessities.   Then, the bodies are placed securely inside the ornate floats, and are paraded through the area until they come to rest at the cremation location–where they are lit aflame to finish their journey.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My friend and her husband were lucky enough to be in this particular town during this festival, and were able to observe and document the cremation processional, so my souvenir for her visit are these gorgeous pictures!

It is cool to be me…


(If you’re curious, you can read more about Ngaben, the Balinese cremation ceremony, and see many more pictures–including of the cremation portion itself–here.)



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