Merry Christmas! The Family’s All Here, So Let’s


Only kidding….

Well, kind of.

It may seem macabre, but when better to have the conversation than at the holidays, with all the family present?   From advanced directives, to living wills and organ donation, and all the way through estate planning and your funeral wishes–you need to talk those through now, while there’s still time.

It’s the surest way to make sure there are no surprises, and that everyone is on the same page–and what better gift for the holidays, than to have end of life wishes documented, legal, and understood by all, saving grief and misunderstanding later?

Need help starting the conversations?  Try these for the upcoming holiday gatherings, courtesy of my friends at The Conversation Project


An opener for casual chitchat with the girls, maybe?



Beefcake not your style?  Dinner can be the perfect opener:






And if you’d rather wait until the Bowl game season:




Okay, okay, but seriously:  some families have these talks naturally, without hesitation.  Others need help getting comfortable with them.  But no matter what, the conversations are essential to have, openly and honestly, while there’s still time.

Need help facilitating and documenting your discussions?  I do that!   Give me a call or send me a note, and let’s plan to plan.


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