Not Just Funerals

You know I’m passionate about getting you to consider and document your deathcare choices, but being prepared for your end of life is so much more than that!

And in that vein, as January finishes:  have you done your advanced directives and medical decisions paperwork yet?


This super-helpful graphic reminder is from our friends at PlanBeyond.  Click to visit their blog post and find out more general information about the necessities mentioned in the graphic, including the POLST form (not yet adopted in TX, but still a great idea!).

For Texas-specific legal documents related to advanced directives and end of life care, the always fabulous Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Texas has a handy compilation of legal forms to make it super convenient (and leave you no good excuse to not get it done!)


Image courtesy stockimages at


NOW IT’S YOUR MOVE.  Time to get started, and you can check off one of your New Year’s resolutions (maybe the only one you keep?!).

Need help?  Call me, or email me–I do that!

And in case you missed it, here’s an omnibus of links to help you DIY to get your personal world ready in 2016.


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