What’s in the bag, really?


With the meteoric rise in cremation rates in the United States (and globally), one big concern seems to come up again and again:

 How can I be sure these are my loved one’s ashes?


And if general fear of the unknown and unfamiliar isn’t enough to make you uncomfortable, there’s this–the case of mysterious faux cat ashes, from an experiment done by the Freaknomics team.




In this case, if the Freakonomics team is to be believed, there was definite fraud on the part of the pet cremation companies, as no ashes would have remained from some fur and hamburger.


Just exactly what you want to have to worry about when you’re considering cremation of your loved biped, right?

Luckily, the human cremation market is much more regulated.   The Everplans team explains here how the industry regulations require tracking (both durable and not) of bodies all the way through the process, and how you yourself can be sure the remains you get back are indeed your loved one.


Graphic from Everplans


Because this is clearly an ongoing and widespread concern, one of our favorite Death folks has even done a video to put your mind at ease:




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