The Urban Death Project is COMING!

Do you remember me talking about The Urban Death Project?

Architect Katrina Spade and her group ran a Kickstarter last year to do the research and exploration on large scale composting of human remains;  I chose to support the project because I love the idea of having my body return all its goodness to the earth in such an efficient manner.   With cities currently running out of burial space, and the burials that do happen more often than not doing nothing but damage to the earth in the process, it definitely makes sense from multiple angles.

Recently, The Urban Death Project sent out an update with this article from the Seattle Times and a very encouraging video along with it:




 Picture: Lauren Frohne/The Seattle Times


So–2023.  Recomposition, here I come!

The Urban Death Project is fundraising for construction costs now, and will begin building the prototype as soon as it’s funded, with utility by the general public as soon as seven years from now.

I’m so excited!


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