Suiting Dennis: The Infinity Burial Suit

As I mentioned in my post about the Death Salon Film Festival, one of the highlights was a Q&A session with Jae Rhim Lee, the creator of the Infinity Burial suit–the technology that turns mycelium loose on your corpse after you die to more efficiently and safely return your nutrients to the earth.


The suit pictured above is now commercially available, so if you’re thinking of a green burial and want to include mushrooms in the process:  Buy it here!


Worth knowing:  these suits have a 5 yr viable lifespan, and can be renewed if not used in the 5 years, so you totally can buy it NOW without needing it.   They do recommend cool storage for it, however.



As part of the Infinity Burial suit presentation, we screened Suiting Dennis, a mini documentary about the first man to be fitted for an Infinity Burial suit.   I hope you’ll have the time to watch this–it gives such a great sense of both Dennis and his family,  and the passion of the Coeio team for their product.




As a final note:  just before Jae Rhim did her talk for us, she received word that Dennis, who had been on hospice, was no longer eating or drinking.   And a few days later, his family put his suit on him for the last time, and carried his pioneering corpse up to a plot in Maine.  

Rest in Peace, Dennis.


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