Austin Death Positive Everywhere!

So, I’m late posting today–but I have good reason:

Last night (and late!), a few local Austin Death Positive folks were so lucky to get to have dinner with Katrina Spade, the death innovator behind the Urban Death Project


L to R:  Lindsay, ME, Melissa with Kermit, Katrina, Kimberley

Our night was spent on the Torchy’s Tacos patio, introducing Katrina to queso (yum!) and talking about all things death.  I’m 100% sure it was a crazy conversation to eavedrop on.

As part of that gathering, we Austin folks are planning a screening of Zen and the Art of Dying, to open up to the larger Austin Death Positive community.  Leave a comment here, or email me if you’d like to be included on the guest list!



In other Austin Death Positive news:

This is one of my favorite yoga teachers from Pure Bikram Austin below.  She’s always good with the encouraging dialogue and attitude (which is why I love her class so much!), but this past week, she was really repping the Death Positive.



Of course, she always has the tattoos, but the leotard was a nice bonus memento mori in the middle of 90 minutes of mindfulness!

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