Tibetan Sky Burial, revisited

Previously on this blog, I shared the historical practice of sky burial via Towers of Silence   It’s an ancient practice of body disposal that is not practiced much any longer, but certainly has its own claim to being environmentally conscious and harmonious in a circle-of-life kind of way.


Recently, blogger and funeral director Caleb Wilde, of Confessions of a Funeral Director, posted a simpler, more modern take on sky burial.

In this sky burial, vultures are still intentionally involved as the disposal method of choice in this series of documentary photographs, but without all the ceremony and planning of the Tower of Silence structure–this burial takes place in an open field, with the vultures doing their work in open sight, much as they would with a dead animal.

The series is fascinating, but also rather graphic, and could be disturbing, so please consider carefully before you click!

Modern Sky Burial


So what did you think?!

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