Got a group? Need a speaker?

This was how I spent last Saturday morning, talking to a men’s fellowship group at a local church.




They gather once a month for breakfast and conversation, and this month invited me in to do a presentation for them.


Several of the men said they were amazed at how much fun it was, and how everyone was so engaged, seeing as we were talking about death.  But I find that over and over again–once we break open the taboos around talking about death, everyone wants to talk.

Everyone has their stories, their wishes, the disasters they’ve been through, and their ‘now that I know’ tales.  Most everyone has a definite opinion on how they want to go out, even if they’ve never talked about it with anyone else.

Stories and wants are great, but driving actual planning and sharing hard facts are why I’m there. So I do just that..

And, to a person, their jaws drop open when I share the FCA-CTX Funeral Home Price Survey with them.



It’s one thing to know what you want.  It’s a whole different ballgame to see how the same funeral can vary by thousands of dollars, just because you called one funeral home instead of another.  To overpay by thousands when a simple burial balloons into a full-boat funeral as the gathered family adds on features. Or worse, to end up with siblings not speaking to each other over decisions made.

And that’s why I do what I do.  That’s why these conversations are so essential, to prepare and protect you and your loved one.


Not everyone knows the laws, that funeral homes have to give you price lists if you ask, that you can bring your own casket or urn.

Or that there’s no state or federal law requiring embalming, even for a viewing (and ZERO compelling health or safety reason to do so).

Or that it’s legal to care for own dead at home.  That we live close to one of the premiere natural burial grounds–and that we in Austin have both internationally known guides AND home funeral/green burial friendly funeral directors who can help you through the whole green burial process.

But I do.  And I want to share it with you, all of it, while we laugh and talk.

Do you have a community group who needs an engaging and fun discussion about deathcare options?  Maybe you just want to plan a happy hour with friends, for Drinks and Death?

Let’s talk!


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