New Planning for a New Year

So, how are your New Year’s resolutions coming?

Didn’t make any?  There’s still time!   Want a clue to one that is guaranteed sweat-free, can be done sitting down with your fuzzy socks on, and won’t make you have to eat kale?

Get your funeral plans in order. 

There!  It’s just that simple.  A goal you can accomplish this weekend over coffee or while watching the football playoffs.


It’s super easy to do yourself–and for easy, free guidance, start here, with the Funeral Consumers Alliance Four-Step Funeral Planning guide.


Are you a technophile? Avoiding the issue because you’d rather play on your phone? Maybe you need a website or app to walk you through your options:





Or perhaps you really need someone to force you to do it–a little boot-camp style funeral planning?


I do that–in person, by Skype, or by email.

Click above, call me at (512)763-7185 or email me, and let’s get started!

Announcing our NEW site!

We’ve recently released our new branding and a fresh new website to go along with it!

Service offerings and information previously offered at can now be found at



This new name and logo allows us to flaunt our local focus (just check out that Lone Star!).

I love the touch of whimsy and the friendly Texas accent it brings to a topic typically described as creepy, or morbid, or maybe just ewwwwww.

Come take a tour!  I hope you’ll like the changes, and would love to hear from you.

Later, y’all!