Marilee believes strongly that her worklife’s mission is pre-need funeral education and planning evangelism. She currently blogs about funeral and end of life topics and enjoys assisting folks in pre-need discussions and planning and with time-of-need advocacy services.

In her perfect world, no one would die without a written plan detailing their desires, easily accessible to the ones left behind, previously discussed openly and funded realistically.

But we’re not in the perfect world.  So until then, it’s Marilee’s mission to kick down the taboos that block planning and good open conversations about death in families, and to evangelize for preparedness until having an end-of-life plan is as standard as having good term life insurance and a will.

Marilee came into her preplanning evangelist and advocate voice in 2014, with encouragement from her circles and her mentors.  Her past careers–teaching, homeschooling, project and client management–share a common theme of helping and leading, and it’s this thread that her mentors recognized and nurtured to combine with her longstanding passions for after-death care and frugality.  She’s a longtime member of her local FCA, and owns way too many books about end-of life behaviors!

Marilee is a Zonian and a Texan, a former special education teacher and school counselor, a veteran homeschooler, and an always-on-the-go mama of teenagers. She’s an ENTJ, and a compulsive leader with an irresistible drive to assuming command wherever she sees a need, which mean she attends lots of meetings!

She’s a swim, baseball, and parkour mom, volunteers as a member of the Institutional Review Board for the local university, and is learning to love Bikram yoga,.

Marilee holds as incontrovertible truth that any problem whatsoever can be made better by a package of plain M&Ms.