When Should You Plan Your End of Life??







Check out Get  Your S%&T Together (and especially their checklist) to create your punchlist for family organization.

Prepare your end of life legal documents, making sure the right people are assigned as your healthcare proxy and your deathcare agent AND informed about your choices. (you must do BOTH assignments if you have specific wishes–the person you assign to help you pre-death does NOT carry over after death!)   If you’re in Texas, here’s a handy bundle of the most useful forms.

Google for local pricing information, or visit potential local funeral service providers to collect pricing sheet–remember, they legally have to give it to you when you ask!  It’s best to know up front a ballpark of what your options and costs will look like.  (If you’re in metro Austin, the FCACTx has already done it for you with their handy price list.)

Begin to document your deathcare and legacy wishes.   Both My Wonderful Life and Everplans are free and super easy to use–but if you think you need more help, or want to talk through your local Austin options, I’m happy to help!


Do you need a little extra nudge?  A bit of tough-love personal guidance to help you keep your focus and get it done?

Let’s talk about booking a planning session, and go after it together!

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